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Volume 2, Issue 2, 2022

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    The purpose of the study was to explore the outstanding and exceptional academic success of secondary and higher secondary school students from underprivileged families from the perspective of their inspiration, community culture, and the challenging situations they faced. The population of the study consisted of 174 top-position holders of secondary and higher secondary school students from underprivileged families in the Sahiwal division out of which twelve students were selected through purposive sampling. The researchers conducted semi-structured interviews using a narrative ethnographic approach. After collecting and transcribing the data; codes, categories and themes were derived and results were presented thematically. Most of the participants were inspired ‘internally’ or ‘externally’, faced challenging situations successfully, and admired the supportive role of the community to achieve their success. The results will be helpful for government institutes, policymakers, donor agencies, student welfare organizations, and people who intend to work for the betterment of students. Keywords: Academic success, Underprivileged families, Inspiration, Community culture, Challenging situations.

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    Syed Abdul Waheed, Nadia Gilani, Ata Elahi Baqir